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La Elaha Ella Anta Subhanak (Jonah's Prayer) - Acrylic Wall Art Panels

La Elaha Ella Anta Subhanak (Jonah's Prayer) - Acrylic Wall Art Panels

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دعاء يونس عليه السلام بخط الثلث
"لَّا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا أَنتَ سُبْحَانَكَ إِنِّي كُنتُ مِنَ الظَّالِمِينَ"
[ الأنبياء: 87]

Jonah's (PBUH) Prayer in Thuluth Script
"There is no deity except You; exalted are You. Indeed, I have been of the wrongdoers."
Surah Al-Anbiya 87

Acrylic art panels are a modern way to display beautiful and vibrant art that looks like it's embedded in clear glass. They have a clear, glossy acrylic surface and a white vinyl backing. Four silver stand-offs make it very easy to mount to the wall. Make your own original designs and print them on any (or all) of the seven available panel sizes in horizontal and vertical orientations. Square dimensions are available.

.: Material: Clear acrylic with white vinyl backing
.: Clear, glossy surface
.: Seven sizes to choose from
.: Horizontal, vertical and square options available
.: NB! For indoor use only


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